Car Rental Tricity

Are you in the Tri-City passing through – on vacation,  business, visiting friends? You do not have any vehicle to move around in Gdynia, Gdansk or Sopot or do not want to use public transport?

We are happy to help you in this area and we will facilitate moving around the Tri-City. Just use our rental car offer. This is a convenient solution for several hours and days. As the rental company we  may offer you this type of service at the cheapest and with a low amount of deposit, as you can see by looking at our price list. The fleet prepared by us is new and economical, well-groomed and comprehensively equipped vehicles. You will feel comfortable driving them. Car rentals offered by our company consists in the fact that the customer receives a car with a full tank. And in the same condition the vehicle must return to us. Limit of daily kilometers in the case of passenger cars is 300 km, while vans are up to 500 km.  When renting for longer than 5 days, we provide a total unlimited mileage. Each car is subjected to technical inspections on a regular basis, so that the driver and his passengers who rent it will feel safe and the ride is a pleasure for them. Do you want to place your car in a specific place? No problem! You need a car with a driver – we can also provide it!

It is also worth mentioning that in our fleet we have rental cars with a basic standard as well as luxury and delivery vehicles of proven brands. We encourage you to view all the vehicles offered.

Cheap car rental in Tri-city

Why do we have the cheapest offer? Because we know the needs and expectations of customers. We are already a proven and trusted brand. Our cars are rented by individual and corporate customers for shorter and longer terms. In the case of the latter, rates are set with each lender separately. At the same time, we provide a minimum of formalities, and the selected vehicle can be booked directly at the headquarters of our company or through a special online form available on the website. It is also worth following the promotions we announce – you can then get even more attractive rates. Our fleet is always clean and efficient vehicles that can be adapted, for example, for a family of many. We always gladly suggest what model will be adequate for a customer and his needs. We pick up passengers from the airport, picking up wedding guests . At any time, you can check cars from our rental company and match them to your expectations. By using our offer, you save time and money. For this you still have a nice service in the package provided by competent employees of Majer Rental Cars.

Are you going somewhere for a weekend with your family or friends? Have you visited the Tricity in private or business? Did your car breakdown? Remember that you can take advantage of cheap car rentals at any time! You will not overpay with us! Travel safely with our modern fleet, privately or on business!